The energy savings are mandatory, but when they are combined to design, this is perfect. This is what Cosy - ART proposes: An esthetic and economic comfort.

Our technology enable to propose a heater bringing comfort and wellness, reducing very much the energy expenses, for the following reasons :

• The advantages of the infra red radiation
Thanks to the emissivity of the different materials used, the Cosy - ART heaters emits long infra red radiations (similar to the sun radiation), and irradiate the solid surfaces of the room, which stock the heat and restitute this heat by radiation as well. The air is therefore gradually heated by contact with these surfaces and the feeling is said "comfortable". The infra red avoids moving of dusts in the room and the circulation of air, providing to the user a healthy air inside the house.

• A sweet and comfy warmth
Our process of manufacturing enable us to spread the warmth emitted by the heater on the full surface; This homogeneity of temperature confers to the heater a warmth emission called "sweet warmth". The diffusion in the room is therefore less aggressive for the user as it is spread throughout the height of the room, in an homogeneous way. This system avoids the Hot - cold sensations of classic convectors.

• Back insulation of the device to recycle the loss of energy
The radiations occurring in the front but also on the back, Cosy - ART created a fixing system integrating an insulation material. This back insulation stops the radiations and propagates an additional warmth in the room without consuming more.

• Regulation: other principle of energy saving
A simple energy savings principle lays on the average drop of temperature inside the house. A drop of one degree of the ambient temperature provide to the user a saving of 7% on the electricity bill. To help you generate these savings, all Cosy - ART heaters are equipped with a six order pilot wire regulator. This regulator will help you regulate the the temperature inside the house to generate energy savings. We dissimulated the regulator behind the heater, to preserve the esthetic of the heater.

To go further in the energy savings, we propose accessories of wireless programming. Composed of an emitting device and a receiver, these accessories enabling to program the heater depending on the rhythm of life. You will be able to enjoy an optimal comfort, and drop considerably your electricity bill.


The legal frame and the thermal regulation impose, the heaters must be equipped with devices enabling the energy savings.
Cosy - ART developed in this aim a regulator pilot wire 6 orders, that enable the users to manage their energy consumption depending on their rhythm of life.
Flats, Esthetics, Dissimulated behind the heater, this regulator matches perfectly with the heater, without decreasing he general esthetic of the heater, and will enable with serenity to adapt to the daily life and generate energy savings.
A drop of 1¡ will bring a 7% saving on the electricity bill.
Others accesories are availables to program your heaters automatically according to your schedule.


On the contrary to the 100 W per square meter of the market, we recommend a dimensionin of 50 to 80 W per square meters (for a height of 2,5 m), depending on the insulation of the house.

This recommendation depends on two important parameters :
• The houses are more and more insulated within the thermal regulation and the thermal renovation, therefore needing a less important power for the heaters to heat the room.
• In addition, the heaters present a heating performance superior o basic radiation panel heaters of the market, in terms of comfort feeling and operating costs.

Pour illustrer ces propos, nous avons conduit un test dans une chambre bi-climatique, entre un radiateur CosyArt de 800 watts et un radiateur du marché de la même finition en 1000 watts.
To illustrate, we conducted a test in a bi - climatic room, between the Temper Glass Cosy - ART heater in 800 w and a Temper Glass heater from the market in 1000 W.

The objective is to observe the increase in temperature with each, the repartition of the temperature depending on the height in the room, as well as the operating costs and consumption of each heater.

Here are the graphs recorded for each heater :


Despite a heating time longer from the heat of the market, which is explained mainly by the difference of power (200 Watts difference), the ambient temperature is reached despite the power difference.
The cosy ART heaters, thanks to their long size and the large surface of heat and radiation, as well as the back convection loss recycling, record a consumption lower than the 1000 watts heater from the market. The operating cost is less important despite the difference of 200 W.
At last, the difference of temperature depending on the height of the room is more homogeneous with our heater than with the heater of the market. This is therefore increasing the comfort feeling of the user.