All our ranges go from 6,5 cm to 7,5 cm of thickness. For a better ergonomics in your living space.


The radiation of our heaters will bring you an excellent comfort and energy savings.

Energy savings

Our principle or radiation, as well as our innovative fixing system, and our regulator will generate important energy savings.


Our heaters are labeled with the NF marking for your safety.


Design for all, different sizes available, our heaters adapt to all interior with discretion and elegance.

Sweet Warmth

A sweet warmth through radiation on a wide surface and an energy loss recycling on the back, reinjected in the room, will bring you sweet and comfortable warmth.


Our towel dryer mirror heaters, thanks to the temperature of surface higher than the ambient temperature, will generate and effect of anti - fog in the bathroom.

& energy savings

The Cosy - ART heaters are all equipped with an extra flat thermostat dissimulated behind the heater, to preserve the esthetic of the heater. Perfectly accessible, this thermostat enables the user to regulate the temperature in the room and choose his mode (Comfort, Economy, Snow, Clock) depending on the life style. This thermostat can be completed by programming tools available in the range of accessories.

Programmer and Receiver

The necessary tool to pilot the heaters to your rythm of life and realize additional energy savings.

Main functions

  • Programming of an installation of heat or air conditioning,
  • Emitting orders to the receivers installed in the heating devices or to the thermostats in order to adapt for every day the level of temperature (comfort or Economy),
  • Transmission wireless by radio,
  • Check of the association between the programmer and the receiver,
  • Independent management on 4 different zones in the housing (example: zone of the day, zone of the night, zone of the bathroom, zone of the office),
  • Copy of the programming of the day on another day, from one zone to another,
  • Temporary derogation to the recorded programs,
  • Selection of the functioning modes: Auto, Comfort, Eco, Snow, Stop,
  • Holidays mode: Programmation of a period of absence from 1 to 99 days, housing protected from freeze,
  • Visualization of the ambient temperature, of the running day, the clock, the actual mode and the use of batteries as well as the radio transmission.

The advantages

  • Ergonomics of settings: Ergonomics command and display of great size,
  • Elegant design and innovating,
  • Ambient programming thermostat and radio transmission to bring comfort and energy savings,
  • Flexibility and adaptability: the wire less enable to change the repartition of the zones without touching the cables,
  • Distance programming wireless,
  • Fiability of the radio transmission: Homologating in all Europe, high immunity to external perturbations,
  • Performance of the transmission important: Go through the walls and floors,
  • 2 types of installation: On a table basis or on the wall.