Launched by a professional team of the heating industry, in partnership with a big construction group, Cosy Art developed, year after year, a complete range of design heaters. The main idea of the concept is to answer the difficult demand of having a flat, performant, and esthetic heater, at an affordable price.

The following ranges have then been launched: The monochromes heaters, the temper glass heaters, the mirror heaters, the art gallery heaters, and recently, the very famous natural stone range that encounters already a large success in the market.

At last, beginning of 2012, Cosy ART duplicated the range of electric heaters to propose the full range in water version for gas installation. Thanks to a concept a laminar flows, embedded in a decorative panel, the Cosy - ART water heaters can be used along with boilers, heat pumps or solar systems, and enable the users to benefit from all the esthetic advantages of the electric range: Flatness, sweet heat, energy savings.